“Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:-7

Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in how to give to the work of Nansen Road Baptist Church. This page explains the different ways available for you to support our work.


This church wants to serve the community that we are part of and share the love of Jesus to everyone.  We want to see people grow in their faith, using their gifts and talents and support those in the community around us.


Our church is self funded by the membership and regular attenders, so everything we do is only made possible by their giving of money, time, resources, gifts and talents, all empowered by the Holy Spirit. The income received from giving enables the church to continue its work and support other missions that we are connected to.

Why do we need to give?

Amongst the regular members of our congregation some people choose to tithe and give a set percentage of their income to the church while others give what they can afford.

We beleive that giving to the work of the church is part of our worship to God.  We would encourage every member to give, as part of their responsibility to the work of the church and as an opportunity to offer something back to God.

If you are a visitor to the church, there is no expectation on you to give.  We will never pressurise you into giving anything if you are not able or willing and apart from the church treasurer, no one need know what you give, that is between you and God

How can I give to the church?

Here are some ways you can give financially to the church.

The Offering (cash or cheques)

When we are able to meet for services, there is an opportunity to give money or cheques during every service (cheques are made payable to Nansen Road Baptist Church). It is very important to note that there is absolutely no requirement for anybody to give. Many allow the offering bag to pass them by because they are participating in other giving schemes or because they are visitors or just cannot afford to give at that time. In order to make your offering most tax efficient, we encourage people to use the gift-aid envelopes (see below), which are available on request. Alternatively, you can make your gifts by bank transfer (see below).

The Envelope Giving

Using Envelope Giving you become a registered but anonymous giver. You will be issued with a supply of small envelopes with your own personal registration number printed on them. Simply place your giving (cash or cheque) into the envelope, seal it, and place this into the offering bag, when it is circulated during morning worship. You will also need to complete a gift-aid declaration form, which means we can make your financial gift tax efficient (see below). Please make cheques payable to 'Nansen Road Baptist Church'.

Text to give


During this time, while we are unable to meet together, we have arranged to allow everybody with a mobile phone to be able to give by texting



plus the (amount you wish to give)

to 70085




NRBCOFFERING 3 to 70085 to donate £3. Text costs £3 plus one standard rate message


You can choose how much you give. £1 to £20 every gift will help



Electronic transfer.


If you do online banking and wish to make a one off gift you can do this.


Bank Transfer.


Some members choose to give through the bank every month by

Standing Order. If you use internet banking you can set this up

easily once logged into your account. 

Nansen Road Baptist Church

SORT CODE: 30-94-55   ACCOUNT NUMBER: 02405424

Gift Aid

If you are able to Gift Aid your donation please make sure you have filled in a Gift Aid declaration form, and that we can identify your gift(s) by using your name as the reference.

Get a form from clicking here.