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Group Hug

Matthew 5: 14

You're here to be light, bringing out the God-colours in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We’re going public with this, as public as a city on a hill.

From The Message Bible

Who are we?

We are a group of people from different walks of life who know, love and serve Jesus. Our church building is situated on the racecourse area of the Nacton housing estate in Ipswich.  We are here to reach out to the community, to support and help everyone with love and build relationships with those we meet. It is not the building that is the church but the people who meet there.


What is a Baptist Church?

You will find Baptist churches in almost every country in the world, as part of the world-wide Christian church, Baptists form one of the largest families of faith.

For Baptists, the concept of a family is important. The church is not so much a particular place or building, but rather a family of believers, committed to Jesus Christ, to one another and to the service of God in the world.

In the Baptist family everybody is equal, for everybody has a part to play in the service of God. 

What we believe.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He came into the world to die on the cross to forgive our sins. He rose from the dead to give us new life. 

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and is the basis for our lives as Christians. The life of the church reflects our trust in the complete truthfulness of the Bible, in a range of different ways, and the Bible is always central to our worship services.

We believe in baptism by full immersion, of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Those who accept Jesus Christ as their saviour can ask to be baptised.

We believe that as  people of God we are representatives for him in the world.  It is our mission, hope and prayer that we can serve and honour him as we show the love of Jesus to all.

We believe the church is not the building but it is the people who do God's will. Church is about relationships, friendships, and supporting one another and sharing the Love of Jesus

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Our History

In June 1922, a meeting was held concerning the spiritual needs of the housing estate behind Nacton Road.

Mr Robert Girling and Mr R.S.Thompson were  charged with exploring the possibilities of meeting this need.

In 1923 a piece of land was made available on the Racecourse Estate for a sum of £300. 

In the summer of 1926 the new hall was ready for use. On 5th August 1926 the Church was officially opened, with the Rev. J.E.Jones as its first minister.

For over 95 years our Church has been serving the community and sharing the love of Jesus to all.

As back in 1922, we believe that our role has not changed, we are here to be a place for all, bring hope, support and love through the power of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission statement

Following, Serving, and Sharing Christ

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Our Vision

Our vision is to see our church become a hub for the community, a place where everyone is welcome.  Where people feel loved and valued and value others.  Where the love of Jesus will shine and people will feel safe and secure knowing they are special.

We want to see peoples lives changed by the Holy Spirit; relationships healed, addictions removed, friendships made and a hope and purpose given to people's lives through the love of Jesus shown by all at NRBC. 

Our Values

  • Jesus centred teaching and preaching

  • Prayer that is both personal and corporate

  • Loving relationships across the generations

  • Serving others as we identify and use our spiritual gifts

  • Passionate outreach both at home and overseas

  • Engaging with our society in ways that are culturally relevant

  • Joyful and creative worship that is grounded in scripture


What this means to church members

  • Being committed to personal and spiritual growth through the regular reading of God's Word

  • Living as a disciple of Jesus every day of the week

  • Belonging to an appropriate small group/Home Group

  • Learning to share your faith in Christ in natural and unforced ways

  • Being involved in a group/activity within your local community

  • Sharing your resources for the sake of God's kingdom and for the care of others

  • Playing your part in a church that lives up to the image of being a church that follows Jesus Christ

  • Complete submission to the Holy Spirit in both decision-making and behaviour

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