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We love you in Christ!

Hope you find what you need and enjoy!

Rev. Peterson Anand

We are a hardworking, grounded, yet ambitious bunch trying our best to expand the kingdom of heaven. 


We are tucked away in a housing estate and our church is home to the warm-hearted and faithful.

Some of the leadership team and church members talk about how "God has a great plan for this church".

Our pastor says that a “Church cannot grow overnight” and that “the best and most beautiful things are due to time and compression like a diamond”   

So we trust Christ practically and in our hearts by following him, serving him and sharing him! We also endeavour to let God's love and plan flow through our lives and church.

Important Notice

With a heavy heart, due to Government and our Baptist Associations' advice on Corona virus, we have suspended all our Church gatherings till further notice.

Junior Church 

We have three leaders that alternate and the children will watch films and clips. They will also be taught biblical stories. We endeavor to give all children well rounded knowledge of biblical stories.

Cafe Church 

 With a  social setting and refreshments throughout the sessions, Cafe Church should challenge what you think of a traditional Church service. There is open discussion time within small groups and crafts to encourage a fun and casual atmosphere. 

Please check on our "Services" page for dates and times.

Coffee & Chat 

Coffee and Chat is really just a time to catch up with your christian social group to spiritually and emotionally encourage one another with God in the Center. Coffee and Chat occurs near the front entrance of the church. Please check on our "Services" page for dates and times.

Bible Study

The Bible says that faith comes continually hearing the word God. Bible study not only includes reading but hearing and speaking in- depth discussion on the word. The bible is dissected and applications are drawn to help us get closer to God, his truth and his will in  our lives. Please Check on our "Services" page for dates and times.

 Some of The Things That We Do



Usual Sunday Morning Service: 10:45am-12:30 pm

Timings vary depending on what's happening please check the "Services" page.  

Nansen Road Baptist Church,
Nansen Road,

Tel. 01473 714145


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Bible Study 


The Bible says that faith comes by hearing. This is a great way to understand and grow in our Christian faith. Our thinking and understanding shape us to grow in our faith and help us to face the challenges of life with courage and hope. We analyse, have free discussions and apply verses and teachings of the Bible.

It’s an easy going and friendly opportunity to have your eyes and heart taken on a journey with Powerpoints, videos and movies as you learn about interesting, unique people and stories from the Bible. We like to focus on solid doctrines in the Bible for a child’s level of comprehension. The programme hopes to give children well rounded knowledge.

Café Church