Junior Chuch

What it is

The Junior Church welcomes children from 3-13+.

It is a young people's Sunday school but it is officially called ‘Junior Church.’

It is scheduled to happen every Sunday of the month with the exception of every first Sunday when we have our family service 

Junior Church is run by different teachers they are Karen, Peter and Dawn.

Kids will learn the solid teachings of the Bible, they will learn all the important messages and people in the Bible to ensure that they have the foundations to become a mature Christian with a well-rounded knowledge.

Our Leaders also provide lots of examples with proven facts about the topics they learn. It is tailored to their intellectual capacity and understanding.


The Junior Church sessions consist of; powerpoints of the topic to learn with visual story aids, quizes to test what has been learnt. It also provides an opportunity to have competition and ‘teammanship’. And we also have movies and video clips on the topic to learn. All this occurs with a healthy fun and a relaxed atmosphere! 

The Great Points About It

Anonymous quotes

“I like watching movies, I liked the Joseph King of Dreams movie!”

“It's really funny when we get to name our own team for the quiz, they let us have funny cool team names and draw a funny mascot on the board next to our name!”

“I like the powerpoints about the people. The stories are interesting, I have to find out what happens next, I can’t wait for the next Junior Church!”

“It's really good, because I didn’t know how true the Bible is, everything points to God! The facts make lots of sense! Such as the creation story, how the earth was created and about the Adam and eve, these stories I really remember!” 

Current Topic In Sessions  


The Bible is not a series of disconnected stories, it all points to one that is Jesus who is God. #True&Better


Major prophets/people and events from the Bible in chronological order but done in a way that shows how each of them point to God and what message He wants to give us through these stories.


Creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, How Israel became a nation, Laws, Job, David, Esther, Who is Jesus & why do we need him.