You have your heavenly Father

Your Heavenly Father cares for you (Matthew 6:25-34)

Your Heavenly Father feeds you: Jesus revealed God as our heavenly father. He has encouraged us not to worry about the basic needs of lives such as food and clothes. Father God feeds more than 18,000 species of birds in this world. You are more valuable than them. Instead of worry, you can delight in worshipping God. Even our prayers can be full of worry. Worship more, worry less!

Your Heavenly Father knows your needs: He knows your needs before you ask him even though he loves to hear from you. It is just like our earthly fathers who know the needs of their children. Jesus gave the example of the beautiful purple coloured lilies of the field. They are more beautiful than the royal kings and officials.

Your Heavenly Father wants you: Jesus encouraged us to have greater concern and priority for God’s kingdom and his righteousness than being worried about the basic things of life. He encouraged us to pursue the rule and authority of God in our lives. We need to set our priority of sharing the good news of Jesus to people so that they may be saved from their sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Righteousness means – right relationship with God and one another. We should focus on the priority of building a healthy relationship with God and one another.

Application: This will bring true happiness in our lives when we will believe that our heavenly father cares for us, he feeds us, he knows our needs and he wants us to seek his Kingdom and his righteousness because if we worry less and worship more, all the basic needs of our lives will be added in our lives.

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