Bigger the Battle, bigger the blessing!

Joshua and the people of Israel had to face the biggest battle of their lives. They had victories through the help of God. They had a supernatural victory over the city of Jericho by just following the Lord’s instruction. They had to walk around the strong Jericho wall once a day for seven days and seven times on the seventh day. Next time, they didn’t pray to God for their victory but attacked a small city called Ai. They were over confident and trusted on their 3000 troops of soldiers. They were defeated and lost 26 soldiers in battle. They ran for their lives as they were chased by the army of Ai. Joshua and the people of Israel repented of their sins when Achan sinned against God by stealing items from the war. God had clearly instructed to destroy everything as part of the judgement of God upon wicked nations. However, later, God used their own weakness into victory. God used their weakness as a strategy against the enemy. Joshua and the people of Israel pretended to run away for their lives while the other half of the army was hiding behind as part of the ambush. The people of Ai were trapped from both sides as the army of Israel attacked their city from behind and got total victory. But now, they had to face the biggest battle of their lives as five kings of the nations joined forces to attack them. This time, it was not a supernatural victory, it was not the victory by setting an ambush but simply consulting God in prayer and trusting on his promises and encouragement to fight the battle. Yes, God fought the battle for them but they had to put their faith and act to receive their total victory this time. God will fight your battles with you when you trust on his promises. Remember, if you are facing the biggest battle of your life, you will receive greater blessing and victory by simply praying and trusting God on his promises. His promise in Christ Jesus is always with yes and Amen because Jesus has fought the victory over sin, death and devil for you. You are more than victorious, in fact you are champions in Christ Jesus. Amen.

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