Our Christian Commitment

A young and rich ruler came to Jesus for asking what should he do to inherit eternal life. Jesus asked him if follows all the commandments of God. That is a straight way for making sure you inherit eternal life in heaven. Well, the young man replied that he has been following God's rules right from his childhood. But Jesus knew that no one on earth is able to obey all the commandments of God. Jesus said to him that he lacks one thing in his life. That is he loves his wealth more than God. Jesus encouraged him to give away all his wealth and follow him. It was obvious that this young man loved his wealth. He was sad and left Jesus. To follow Christ, we need to leave our greed for money and material things. To follow Christ, it requires conversion of heart and life, it requires cost to pay, it requires a strong conviction that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life! Our Christian commitment to Christ will bring blessings in the times of trials when we don't feel to follow him. Emotional feelings may come and go but our commitment and conviction to follow Jesus will give you direction to follow him. The Holy Spirit will help and comfort us to follow him with conviction and commitment!

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