Good news of Jesus' resurrection

1 Corinthians 15:1-11

There is no good news of Jesus without his resurrection. It is called gospel. Apostle Paul says that we need to be reminded and preach ourselves the gospel of resurrection of Jesus. Apostle Paul received it from God. The gospel is not a man made philosophy to please mankind. Gospel is God's original idea. Paul has passed on to us and we need to pass on this gospel of Jesus to others. He says that we are saved from our sins by this gospel and we stand and hold firm this gospel. This is the first important thing in our life. God and the gospel is the most important thing than anything in our lives. There are 5 facts of the gospel.

, Christ died for our sins. He not only died for our sins but he died on our place of punishment from sin. The judgement of God for sin was done on the cross of Jesus Christ. Secondly, he was buried in the tomb. It is important fact that Jesus really died. Many people and religions deny this fact. Jesus really died and was buried. A heavy stone was kept on the tomb and it was sealed with a heavy security by the Roman authorities. Thirdly, Jesus rose again from the dead on the third day. Apostle Paul said that it was already a plan of God in the scriptures of the Old Testament. Jesus death was not an accident. It was a plan of salvation by God. Fourthly, Christ was seen by his disciples and to more than 500 people. Apostle Paul said that he himself saw the risen Christ. Fifthly, Christ ascended to heaven to reign forever more. He is the reigning King of kings and the Lord of lords. This the gospel as the good news of Jesus Christ. We shall rise again with a glorious bodies in heaven if we believe in this gospel of Jesus died, was buried, rose again, was seen and is ascended to heaven for eternity. May God encourage you with this gospel of resurrection.

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