Happy Hannah - Mother's Day

Hannah in the Bible story was the mother of a great prophet name Samuel. Two books in the Bible is entitled as 1st and 2nd Samuel. Hannah was a desperate mother who wanted a child very badly. She was despised and ridiculed by her society as a barren woman. Other mothers who had many children looked down upon her. There are many mothers who feel the same way today, especially in the culture where it is very important to have a male child who can inherit the properties of the family and who can carry on the name for the family. One important thing that Hannah did was to pray passionately to God for a male child. She promised to God that if He gives her a child, she would give back to Him and dedicate him for the service in the temple of God. She bursts into joy and thanksgiving (1 Samuel 2:1-11) in her prayer and praise and gives her only child for the service in the temple. She acknowledges the greatness of God who is holy, unique and mighty God like a rock (v.2). She knows that God hates and opposes the proud and arrogant people, thinking of all those people who looked down upon her when she was barren (v.3). They despised and discouraged her so much that their comments and treatment to her was like shooting arrows (v.4). In modern terms, people face pain afflicted by others people like stabbing with knife behind. These people who rejected Hannah felt that they are more powerful than her. They enjoyed their food with plenty of supply whereas Hannah didn’t enjoy her food (v.5). She was very upset and sad because she didn’t have any child. Did you ever felt like this? You don’t enjoy any celebrations in life. The time changes for all people who enjoy their lives but also go through similar sad times. There comes a time when people face crises of food while others who lacked enjoy again. The times changes for sad women who are barren no more but are blessed with many children (v. 5). We have to realise that God is the giver of life from the dead, he provides for the poor people (vs.6-7). He honours people who have been humbled before (v.8), he would protect his people (v.9), he is the one who gives strength to his people and opposes who oppose God (v.10). He uplifts the spirit of his people with the fresh anointing of joy (v.10). Hannah is not only happy while praising God but she fulfils her promise to God by giving Samuel for the temple service. There is a greater joy and purpose for our children when we dedicate them for God’s glory and purpose. We pray for all the mothers who are longing for a child and are looking after the children who are not feeling well. Keep on praying like Hannah for your blessing. Never ever give up asking God for your miracle. May the Lord bring back the blessing health, healing, happiness in your life. Happy Mother’s Day!

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