Be the Candlelight and a Butterfly

New life in Christ!

Be the Candle light not a sparkler!

I often wonder why major cities of the world celebrate and welcome new year with the spectacular fireworks in the sky. According to an ancient practice, the purpose of fireworks in the sky is to dispel the darkness by driving out evil spirits and bringing good luck for the new year. The fireworks are beautiful to watch but they last for a short time just like the sparklers. They look beautiful and pleasant but they don’t last long compared to the candlelight. We should be like Candlelight to shine for Jesus for all our lives not for a short time. Jesus has asked us to be light of the world by doing good works. This is only possible if we have the light of Christ. He is the true light that came into this world to give light and life to everyone! If we don’t have this light of Christ in us, we will soon die in the darkness of sin.

Be like a beautiful butterfly by being born from above!

There is a children’s story written by Eric Carle entitled, “A very hungry Caterpillar!” The story begins with a tiny egg on a leaf in the light of the moon. On a Sunday morning, the warm sun came up and -- pop! -- out of the egg came a very small and very hungry caterpillar. He began to eat, and eat, and eat, but he was still hungry. Finally, he had eaten so much that he had a stomach-ache! The next day was Sunday again. The caterpillar ate through a nice green leaf, and his stomach felt much better. He built a small house, called, a cocoon, around himself and stayed in there for more than two weeks. Then he nibbled a hole in the cocoon and pushed his way out. Guess what? He wasn't a caterpillar any more, he was now a beautiful butterfly.

This story reminds us that people are born naturally and physically. All their lives, they are hungry for so many things of life but feel never satisfied. They fill their lives with all kinds of things like food, drinks, knowledge, drugs, moneys and parties to satisfy their lives but find that nothing can satisfy fully or answer the question of eternal life. Similarly, a religious leader named Nicodemus (John 3:1-16) was very hungry spiritually to know about the eternal life to enter the kingdom of God. He came to Jesus to ask about these things secretly in the night. In answer to him, Jesus said very firmly and seriously told him that he should be born again from above through the Holy Spirit to enter into the Kingdom of God. One cannot enter or even see the kingdom of God without being born again. Just like the caterpillar surrendered himself in the cocoon, so we must give our lives in God’s hand and accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord in order to be born again by the Holy Spirit. We will be satisfied fully in Christ and will become like a beautiful butterfly to live for God. We will feel batter by receiving the bread of life that Jesus offers, just like that caterpillar eat a green leaf and felt better. We will be transformed and born again by the Holy Spirit to become and live as a beautiful person like Christ!

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