New Year, New You!

In this new year, you are a new creation in Christ Jesus if you have confessed your sins and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord. We are a new creation in three ways: We have (1) New Covenant with God, (2) New Commandement of God, and (3) New Character by becoming more like Christ.

New Covenant:

Many people make many resolution to start a fresh year soon to be broken. It is because we make promises to ourselves and try to do with our own strength and wisdom. Soon reality heats hard and we are back to the square one. We are not accountable to anyone if we break these resolutions. However, Bible encourages us to make a new covenant with God. The covenant means - agreement or contract between two people. God always keeps his covenant to bless us if we keep our covenant to obey and follow Him. It is better to make covenant with God because he will continue to remind us gently and encourage us to love him and follow him. Jesus gave this new convenant in his blood when he sacrificed his life on the cross for you and me. In the 'Lord Supper,' we remember Christ's death and his resurrection and make a fresh covenant to follow him.

New Commandments:

We are a new creation in Christ when we obey the greatest, first and new commandment given by our Lord Jesus Christ when he said that love God with all your hearts and with all your soul and with all your mind. With this commandment, he also added that we should love our neighbours as ourselves. Love is the greatest thing that we can do in our lives. We can forgive people in the past and live in the love of God with true happiness. All the Old Testament commandment sums up in this two commandments- Love God and love one another! If you love someone, you will go extra mile to care. Holy Spirit can help us to love one another.

New Character

We become a new creation by having a new character of Christ. Every Christian should have this aim that I should become more like Christ. We become more like Christ through humility, love, kindness and compassion for others. We wish you a very happy new year with happy new creation in the Lord! Amen

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