Why Fear when Jesus is here!

Sermon for Christmas Day Luke 2:8-20

Share Jesus without fear: We often sing a worship song: “As we are gathered, Jesus is here, One with each other Jesus is here.” Yet, people have lots of fears especially during the Christmas time. You see most people make a good party on feeling and moods with alcoholic drinks which is not based on any solid good news or hope in their lives. Let us explore the real joy of Shepherd who received the good news from the angel and saw the Baby Jesus as King of kings and the Lord of Lords.

God’s glory: God’s glory brings holy fear (8 & 9): How many of us have seen an angel? If we did see one, I guess we would never forget it! Sometimes angels appear as ordinary people, not as shining, supernatural beings with wings which is how angels are often shown in the drawings. The angel the shepherds saw however does seem to have been an awesome figure. Even for those hard, tough, down-to-earth shepherds, encountering the supernatural was scary. In the presence of God’s glory, we sinners cannot stand. Yet, through Christ’s sacrifice, our sins are forgiven as we receive and believe the good news of the Saviour born for us.

Good news of great joy: It brings joy (10-12): The Good News takes away our fear & fills us with joy. As the angel told the shepherds, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. The good news was announced to simple people because they accepted gladly. You may feel that you are just simple and ordinary people, but God has chosen you to be special and privileged people of God to receive the good news of Jesus. Have you given up your pride and come to the Saviour who is Christ the Lord? No human merit is allowed at the foot of the cross where the Baby of Bethlehem died. He did it all. Only those who are simple enough to accept His gift will see the salvation of God. As the Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus will care for you as no other can. He watches over you more carefully than any earthly shepherd could watch his sheep. He knows your deepest needs. He will protect you from wolves and thieves who would destroy your soul (Ps.23:4; John 10:10-13).

Goodwill to all: God’s goodness brings peace (13, 14): How simple and yet how sublime is God’s means of salvation! Who would have thought that Messiah would be born as a baby, and in such humble circumstances, at that! I would have thought that God would send His Saviour as a full-grown man, a mighty warrior riding on a white stallion. When you see God’s Son with eyes of faith, you cannot be silent. It was not a “silent night” once the shepherds visited the manger! They told others what they saw. Jesus our Saviour is the greatest news of Christmas.

Application: You can be like Angels as Messenger of God to announce the good news of Jesus and joined in the heavenly Choir to sing praises of God. You can be like shepherds who spread the word of the good news of Jesus. You can be like Mary who will reflect and treasure memories to be shared and recorded for the future generation for Christ!

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