Say Yes to God because nothing is impossible for Him!

The favour of the Lord – Luke 1:26-33

Mary found favour in the eyes of the Lord because she was humble and willing to surrender her life in the hands of God. Angel Gabriel came and gave this good news by greeting her as the most favoured person and God will be with her. This was a wonderful favour and mercy of God that Mary became the mother of Jesus. God so humbled himself that he became a baby.

The Holy Spirit will come upon you – Luke 1:35

Mary was deeply troubled with this news from Angel Gabriel who was sent from God to announce this most wonderful news of Christmas. Mary was wondering, how come she is a favoured one? She was just an ordinary girl from a tiny village of Nazareth. She was just like any other girl who needed salvation. She was a sincere and prayerful girl. God chose her not because she was the most beautiful, more righteous or wealthy in any sense.

Angel Gabriel explained about how favoured she is and how God is with her. She was not to be afraid anymore and be troubled. She would give birth to a son whose name will be JESUS which means Saviour. He will be great and called Son of the highest God. He will be the King for ever and ever.

Nothing is impossible for God -Luke 1:37

Mary believed and accepted to be the mother of Jesus. However, she wondered how this will be possible (v.34)? However, the Angel explained that this will be possible through the Holy Spirit. Angel even encouraged Mary to go and see the miracle in the life of Elizabeth her relative who was pregnant with a child in her old age. Then Angel said that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD! Say Yes to God – Luke 1:38


Mary said, "May it be done to me according to your word" – Luke 1:38. Whatever happens in our lives either good or bad, God’s favour of protection will be with you. He will keep you strong to face the challenges of your life. He will give a spirit of calmness and assurance that in the time of need he will be always with you.

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