Advent 1Reflection: A Road to life

The MORNING was a reflection of the first Sunday in Advent, with one candle lit.

The Junior church were given a talk about the Orwell Bridge, and how on the previous

Tuesday it was closed-which caused Mayhem: The roads were grid-locked

Teachers couldn't get to their schools

A dog was running free

But 2000 years ago there was mayhem: Darkness was everywhere

People were doing bad things

People were not getting through to God

So the people tried to please God: By trying to keep His 10 rules

By sacrificing sheep, goats and bulls

By trying to do good, but not good enough.

But Jesus came to make a Bridge between God & Man so that people could be saved.

The main Advent theme was a contrast between Isaiah 62 vs 11-12 & John 1 vs 11-12.

The Old testament declared 'See your Saviour Comes'. The New Testament 'He Came'

He has come to Make a Proclamation ISA 62 VS 11

He has come to Make Compensation " " "

He has come to Make Consummation " " VS 12

The EVENING had more of a Missionary Theme. The reading was from Col 1 vs 15-22.

The Message centred around the work of the B.M.S. in Nepal. They were working with

The Mission Innovation Fund to establish outreach to the people of Nepal.

They are working through Education, Sponsorship, counselling and mentoring.

Pray please for the Missionaries and their families (examples given)

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