Remember to Remain in Christ!

Remember to Remain always in Christ - John 15:1-17


Jesus said: ‘I am the true vine.’ The nature of vine is to bring nourishment, energy, and satisfaction in life. Spiritually speaking, other vines of the world are not true vine. They don’t provide true nourishment, satisfaction and life. This saying of Jesus is part of the ‘I am’ saying of Christ. For example, Jesus said: I am the bread of life. I am the living water. I am the way, the truth and the life.

Remain fruitful through pruning (John 15:1-4)

Pruning is necessary for fruitfulness: Detachment from unproductive elements of life is necessary time to time. Pruning is a painful process but the unproductive elements of our lives are important for growth. Jesus wanted His friends, not only those eleven, but those of all time, to know that He was not going to desert them, even though they would no longer enjoy His physical presence. His living energy—His spiritual reality—would continue to nourish and sustain them just as the roots and trunk of a grape vine produce the energy that nourishes and sustains its branches while they develop their fruit. Jesus wanted us to know that, even though we cannot see Him, we are as closely connected to Him as the branches of a vine are connected to its stem. Our desire is to know and to love Him and receive energy to serve Him. Life will keep on flowing into us and through us if we “remain” in Him. Jesus went ahead to say very strongly that we will have no life at all if we don’t remain in him. Without the pruning process, there won’t be growth. Our continues pruning is needed for our personal growth and fruitfulness!

Remain in Christ & His word (John 15:5-8)

If you want to live a clean life, you must remain in Christ and in his Word! This illustration of the vine and branches is no thoughtless generality or careless simile. It is absolute, stark reality. No believer can achieve anything of spiritual value independently of Christ Jesus. He also reminds us that there are some who are “in” Him who bear no fruit. But these are not, as some would suppose, true branches that just happen to be fruitless. All true branches bear fruit. Just as we know a healthy, living tree by the good fruit it produces, so do we recognize fruitless branches as having no connection to the True Vine. Therefore, Jesus tells us, “By their fruit you will know them” (Matthew 7:16–20). Those who do not produce good fruit are cut away and burned. Eventually, the fruitless branches are identified as not belonging to the Vine and are removed for the sake of truth and the benefit of the other branches.

Remain in Christ’s love (John 15:9-17)

This is the second time; Jesus is telling us that he is the vine. It is interesting to know that this statement is part of Jesus’ greatest announcement that we haven’t heard from anybody else. What does it mean to remain in Christ love? It means that we are connected to him as having our ‘union with Christ.’ It means that we are dependent upon him all the time for our life and energy. Just like sap flows from the vine to the branch, supplying it with water, minerals, and nutrients, so a believer grows stronger in Christ's love. Then, there is continuity in loving Jesus throughout our lives.

Remain to love one another (John 15:9-17)

Loving is necessary for fruitfulness: Obedience will bring joy, sacrifice for your friend brings true friendship and this friendship brings partnership, honesty, transparency and privilege of sharing life together for answered prayers. Jesus has loved you and me (v.9…). Jesus asked us to love others like the Father God loved Jesus, so He wants us to love one another. There is no option. It is a commandment. The best way to love others is God’s and Jesus’ way. They are the same kind of love.

Remain in friendship with Jesus (John 15:14-17)

Friends are an important and wonderful part of our lives. You become a friend of Jesus. You get privilege of knowing his plans and purpose in your life. He starts revealing those secrets that you have never known before. It will be an eye-opening experience. We have become friends of Jesus. He has chosen us to get special privileges. We get the benefit of answered prayers. Friendship with Jesus will ensure that God will answer your prayers. Friends of Jesus love one another as He has loved them. Friends of Jesus obey His commandments. Friends of Jesus understand the truth that He made known to us from the Father God. Friends of Jesus are chosen by him to bear fruits that would depend upon Him through prayer.


So, would Jesus call you His friend? He would if you are loving others, especially those in your home and in the church. He would if you are seeking to obey His commandments. He would if you are growing to understand the truths revealed by the Holy Spirit in God’s Word. And He would if you know that He chose you to bear fruit that remains and you’re seeking to bear that fruit through prayer. And if you wonder, “How do I know if God has chosen me?” the answer is, “Have you believed in Jesus as your Saviour and Lord?” If you have, that didn’t come from you! You believed in Him because in love He chose you before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:4). That way, He gets all the glory!

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