Get on board for a mission

Get on board with the mission of Jesus (Matthew 10:1-20)

I am sure you might have concerned about the evil things are happening in this world. There is war, violence, economic and refugee crisis. The reason is that there is a conflict between the kingdom of God and Kingdom of darkness. The way we can claim back the kingdom of God is through preaching and healing. Satan is the prince of the kingdom of darkness in which there are evil rule, sickness and diseases.

Jesus trained 12 disciples for sending them for sharing the good news of the Kingdom. He gave them authority to drive out demons, and heal every disease.

The kingdom of God is the kingdom of light, healing and peace. The way we can declare the kingdom of God is by using the authority from Jesus to drive out demons and heal the sick. The kingdom of darkness consists of all sorts of evilness and physical ailments.

Jesus was seriously committed to his mission. He made sure that his disciples will be trained through instruction and experience to preach and heal people. Jesus is very serious with us to call us, give us authority and sent us out to the people to drive out evil spirit and bring healing in their lives.

We learn three important principles from Jesus, the divine and master trainer:

  1. Jesus called his twelve disciples to him:

All Christians are called to be the disciples. ‘Go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). Calling or vocation is very important. Jesus calls every Christians to join in his mission.

Jesus calls us to himself: We need to be close to Jesus with intimacy of relationship, abiding with him, John 14: Abide with him, the purpose of Jesus was to be with his disciples to trained them for mission.

  1. Jesus give us His authority:

He gave them authority to drive out evil spirit and hill every diseases and sickness

When God created man, He gave man authority to have dominion over everything on earth. (Genesis 1:26) But when man sinned, he gave this authority to Satan. And when man's authority was transferred to Satan, Satan brought in diseases, poverty, strife, bitterness, pain, loss and death. He messed up everything on earth for man.

  1. Jesus gave them instructions:

Jesus gave clear instructions to follow to reach out (a) Specific people of lost sheep of Israel, (b) Specific area of Israel, (c) Specific message -The kingdom of God is near, we don’t have our own message, we are the messenger of Christ. (d) Specific healing -sick, raise the dead, leprosy, drive out demons, (e) Do it feely without charging any money, (f) Travel light (vs.9,10) (g) Find a person of peace to stay there(vs 11-15), (h) Be wise and alert, humble like Sheep, Snake and doves. Be humble like sheep, shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves. (i) Be on guard for yourself as you will be persecuted, don’t be surprised for what to say, the Holy Spirit will enable you to speak and witness for the Lord!

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