Bumper Harvest of Souls

Harvest for Eternal life!

The Bible talks a lot about the harvest of crops that is related to giving thanks to God for his blessings upon the seeds planted for the harvest. However, Bible also talks about the spiritual harvest of souls.

In John chapter 4, we see Jesus made an intentional journey through Samaria (4:4). When he arrived at the town of Sychar, he was thirsty and wanted to have some water to drink from the well of Jacob. Now, if we know the Bible Story, this was a historical and very important well for the people of Samaria. This was the very well that was built by their forefather Jacob and was given to Joseph. Jesus met a Samaritan woman in the midday who came to fetch some water from the well. Jesus asked water from this woman. She was surprised that a Jews man was asking the water from her because Jews and Samaritans people were not friends. The Jews people didn’t associate with Samaritan because they had mixed marriages with non-Jews people, although they also came from the Jews.

The natural conversion between Jesus and the woman turned out to be spiritual. The woman recognised that Jesus was a Prophet and later a promised Saviour of the world. She recognised this because when Jesus asked her to bring her husband, she said that she didn’t have her husband. Jesus commended her honesty and said that she had many husbands before and the one she has is not her husband. Jesus touched her past to bring healing. The woman talked about place of worship. Jesus assured her that God is looking for the true worshipers who would worship Him in Spirit and truth. Jesus led her to know about the water of eternal life and the need to worship God in Spirit and the truth. When she realized this, she told about Jesus to the whole town who came to see Jesus and believed in Him. Now when the disciples returned with food for Jesus, they were surprised to find that he was talking to a Samaritan woman. Jesus also assured that his hunger is satisfied by doing the will of God. There He talked about the hunger and thirst for the rich harvest of saving souls in the Kingdom of God. Do we have such hunger and thirst for the harvest of saving souls for the Kingdom of God? Jesus is looking for true worshipers, he is looking for witnesses like Samaritan woman who brought the rich harvest of soul to Jesus but He is also looking for ‘workers’ in the harvest field to bring many souls to receive the water of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Will you become worshipper, witness and worker for Christ in the harvest field?

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