Mustard Seed to Mighty Tree

A picture of God’s Kingdom! Mark 4:30-32

Almost like a grain of sand or like a tiny mud-clot, a mustard seed is indistinguishable from the dirt of the ground and it can be easily missed or dismissed, but when it grows, people certainly notice it due to its size. But this is only possible through nurture: God’s nurture, but like any plant it needs to be a resilient survivor. Every tree is a testament to its own struggle, the bigger the tree more it has gone through. But when it has reached to its complete maturity as a tree it provides shelter for all, that is the birds of the air. If you look at a mustard tree you notice its sheltering capacity. The outer leaves and branches creates a veil or a wall. It’s like the arms of the tree branching out to gather God’s people together bringing shade, rest, comfort and protection. Because of its magnificence and largeness, the birds of the air, not only feel comfortable and at rest but also they feel impressed and privileged. This is a true picture of a mustard tree and how it relates to the kingdom of God. A simple humble beginning into a flourishing blessing to others that brings glory to God! Before visiting, we had heard and seen a lot about the greatness of America in media but this summer we had a first-hand experience of American life. History became alive when we visited places like Plymouth Massachusetts and the general ‘New England’ area where first pilgrims arrived by ship from England. It is remarkable where America began and where it is! In the gospel of Mark, Jesus is drawing a good picture about the kingdom of God through a story. This story is about a mustard seed and the significance of it growing into a big tree. I believe, that God who has begun a good work in your hearts will grow like a big tree and make you a blessing for many. Have patience and don’t be discouraged but allow God to work in your lives. Continue to read and study his word to help you grow in the kingdom. Continue to sow the seeds of kindness and love in the lives of people but also sow practical seeds in the Kingdom of God and his Church Because God will bless you in due time. Continue to pray for the salvation of your loved ones because God will save them in response to your prayers. As we all plant this mustard seed, lets hope and pray that it grows to be a mighty tree! AMEN!?

If you agree with me please say or type an Amen bellow in the comment section, thank you.

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