You are invited for the Royal Wedding Party!

You are invited for the ‘Royal Wedding Party’! (Message preached on Sunday 24 July 2016 by Rev. Peterson Anand)

Jesus told a parable (Story of earthly living with the spiritual meaning) in Matthew 22:1-14 to explain how the Kingdom of God would look like. He told a parable about the wedding party of a King’s son. The date of the wedding was announced in advance. The wedding invitations were sent to the rich, privileged and dignified people of the kingdom. On the day of the wedding, everything was prepared and set for the wedding party. But sadly, not a single soul turned up for the party. The King sent his servants to remind and invited all the privileged people according to his list to come to this wedding party. They all made different excuses for not coming to the party. Some of them insulted, treated badly and killed King’s servants. Would you believe it? Naturally, King was furious and angry and sent forth his army to destroy those murderers who had killed his servants.

The King didn’t give up! The Party must go on! He had a plan B. He sent forth servants to invite anybody from the street corners of his Kingdom even good or bad people. They all came to the party and the wedding hall was completely full with the guests. However, there was one man who was not present wearing a royal cloth (I believe the King provided new royal clothes to all the guests to wear). The man was speechless. He was thrown out of the wedding party.

What do we learn from this parable Jesus told about the Kingdom of God? As you might have figured out that the King is God and the son is Jesus in this parable. He has sent out invitation to everyone through his Son Jesus Christ to believe in His Son and receive salvation, forgiveness and eternal life. But most of all the rich blessings in Christ including inviting us to be the part of God’s great Kingdom party. John the disciple of Jesus saw a vision of heaven and described how we will be invited to the ‘Supper of the Lamb’ in heaven. It will be a ‘Royal Wedding Party’ for the Jesus, the bridegroom and the church as the bride of Christ. Never forgot, we will be only worthy to take part in this party only if we have the ‘Royal rob of righteousness of Christ.’ If we do not have the royal rob of righteousness, then we will face judgement of God. Jesus said that there are many invited but there are only few chosen. Would you accept the invitation of Jesus to be the chosen one to receive God’s rich blessings in your lives? God will bless you to be blessing to all! Amen and Hallelujah!

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