Live a blessed life!

Live a blessed life by Praying, supporting and blessing one another (Ephesians 6:19-24)

1. Pray for your Pastor and your church (vs.19-20): It’s so encouraging that the great apostle like Paul was humble enough to ask his church to pray for him. His main prayer request was for his speaking so that he may be used for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. We assume that he is asking for prayer for his public preaching but I am sure he is asking for personal sharing of faith ‘that whenever he opens his mouth (v.19)’ the words will be given to him from God. He is asking for a ‘fearless’ speech to reveal the mystery of the good news of Jesus. He recognized his special position in Christ as an Ambassador in chains. Paul described a very positive position and privilege of sharing the gospel even though he was put into the prison because of his faith in the Lord. 2. Support your Pastor and your church (vs. 21-22): Apostle Paul is so proud of introducing his fellow Christian worker Tychicus that he describes him as dear brother and faithful servant. Tychicus has been a great support to Apostle Paul and other Christian believers. Paul now sends him to the church at Ephesus not just to inform about Paul and his missionary journey but encourage the church by answering some of the theological questions. I believe, Tychicus was an excellent Bible teacher and preacher who encouraged the church in spiritual matters of faith. 3. Bless your Pastor and your church (vs. 23-24): Apostle Paul continued to give priestly blessing as God had instructed Aron the Priest in the Old Testament. Here this blessing is a pure Christian blessing packed with peace, love, faith and grace. The source of all these blessings are Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Peace refers to a beautiful and pure relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ. Love refers to an everlasting and undying love of God through Jesus Christ which is poured down in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. Faith is a gift from God to receive our salvation and righteousness. Grace is an unmerited favour of God through which our sins are forgiven. We have received God’s rich grace and mercy to receive righteous of Christ. Conclusion: Therefore, continue to bless your Pastor and your church with these rich blessings from God. When you do this, you will be also prayed, supported and blessed by one another. This is a sure way of living a blessed Christian life!

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