Ruth, the Refugee meets the Redeemer

Ruth the refugee

While being in a tent might be fun for a while, some children and their families have been living in tents for years – and that is really not fun at all. Some children have no home apart from a tent for example the forgotten families of Syrian refugees.

There is an awareness in the book of Ruth that we need God’s blessing; when people meet they pronounce a blessing ‘the Lord be with you’ and when good things happen when they bless God (Ruth 2: 4, 19, 20, 3: 10, 4: 14). We are not self-sufficient, we are not self-starters and we should not be self-centred.

The story centres, though, on the honest recognition that there are those who find themselves, and feel themselves to be, outside God’s blessing. Naomi, a returning immigrant, arrives in Bethlehem in tragic circumstances, accompanied by her immigrant Moabite daughter-in-law, and bitterly sums up her plight, with God in her sights.

It’s a story of hope and blessing! Ruth and her mother in law Naomi had lost their family members like Naomi’s husband and her two sons who were married to her two daughter-in-law’s. They were suffering acute poverty and living in another country. The story goes on to tell that Ruth married to a rich and righteous husband Boaz who became their redeemer. God had already planned everything for Ruth and Naomi. From the descendant of Ruth, Jesus was born who came as the redeemer of all mankind.

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