Pastor & Family 

Pastor's Beliefs and Visions 

The current pastor is Rev. Peterson R Anand. Our pastor believes the entire Bible to be true.  His fundamental beliefs are; The Trinity, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and no one can come to the Father God except through him. Our Pastor's vision for the church is three things.  Firstly is to have everyone deeply rooted in the word, secondly is to see individuals have a closer relationship with God. Last but not certainly not least is to have a Holy Spirit-filled Church.  To do this he is currently encouraging the church to become a motivated, modern and missionary church in this 21st century.  

Pastor's Education and Past


Rev. Peterson Roy Anand had a calling from God that began when he was of a young age. After his studies, starting out as a young capable man, dedicated   7 years’ of service to Operation Mobilisation reputed as a radical and fruitful missionary international organization.  He then later completed a master level degree in Commerce. However, faith and intellect intertwined to create a desire in Peterson to pursue theological studies. Thus he did a B.D in India and a Bachelor of theology from Spurgeon's College, London in the UK.  It was in the UK where God put a burden and a dream in his heart to do God's work in England. 


He has a rich experience of working as an evangelist, missionary, Bible teacher and Pastor in India.  His initial 3 years in the UK were tough and at times very unforgiving but while trudging and striving through life he also served as a deacon in Parkstone Baptist Church, Poole, Dorset.  Rev. Peterson joined the Baptist Union of Great Britain in 2006 to serve as a Pastor. His pastoral ministry began from Buckland Road Baptist Church in Poole, Dorset where he served for 3 years. Then he moved to Westgate Baptist Church in Bradford, West Yorkshire where he served for 4 years. In 2013 he was called to the pastorate of  Nansen Road Baptist church in September. 


About the Family 



Rev. Peterson Roy Anand is the dedicated Pastor of this church. His family though all different,  provide key,  unique aid to the work of the church. Esther, the Pastor’s wife, a full-time nurse at the local Nursing home, also helps in the church in many practical ways. She is also a 'First Aid officer' in the church. She provides help whatever way she can. They are blessed with a daughter Angela and son David. They provide the use of their skills with an active role in the church.  David is currently studying at University while Angela is working and serving the Lord at her local church.