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You have your heavenly Father

Your Heavenly Father cares for you (Matthew 6:25-34) Your Heavenly Father feeds you: Jesus revealed God as our heavenly father. He has encouraged us not to worry about the basic needs of lives such as food and clothes. Father God feeds more than 18,000 species of birds in this world. You are more valuable than them. Instead of worry, you can delight in worshipping God. Even our prayers can be full of worry. Worship more, worry less! Your Heavenly Father knows your needs: He knows your needs before you ask him even though he loves to hear from you. It is just like our earthly fathers who know the needs of their children. Jesus gave the example of the beautiful purple coloured lilies of the fi

Bigger the Battle, bigger the blessing!

Joshua and the people of Israel had to face the biggest battle of their lives. They had victories through the help of God. They had a supernatural victory over the city of Jericho by just following the Lord’s instruction. They had to walk around the strong Jericho wall once a day for seven days and seven times on the seventh day. Next time, they didn’t pray to God for their victory but attacked a small city called Ai. They were over confident and trusted on their 3000 troops of soldiers. They were defeated and lost 26 soldiers in battle. They ran for their lives as they were chased by the army of Ai. Joshua and the people of Israel repented of their sins when Achan sinned against God by stea