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Why Fear when Jesus is here!

Sermon for Christmas Day Luke 2:8-20 Share Jesus without fear: We often sing a worship song: “As we are gathered, Jesus is here, One with each other Jesus is here.” Yet, people have lots of fears especially during the Christmas time. You see most people make a good party on feeling and moods with alcoholic drinks which is not based on any solid good news or hope in their lives. Let us explore the real joy of Shepherd who received the good news from the angel and saw the Baby Jesus as King of kings and the Lord of Lords. God’s glory: God’s glory brings holy fear (8 & 9): How many of us have seen an angel? If we did see one, I guess we would never forget it! Sometimes angels appear as ordinary

Say Yes to God because nothing is impossible for Him!

The favour of the Lord – Luke 1:26-33 Mary found favour in the eyes of the Lord because she was humble and willing to surrender her life in the hands of God. Angel Gabriel came and gave this good news by greeting her as the most favoured person and God will be with her. This was a wonderful favour and mercy of God that Mary became the mother of Jesus. God so humbled himself that he became a baby. The Holy Spirit will come upon you – Luke 1:35 Mary was deeply troubled with this news from Angel Gabriel who was sent from God to announce this most wonderful news of Christmas. Mary was wondering, how come she is a favoured one? She was just an ordinary girl from a tiny village of Nazareth. She wa

Jesus, the true light of Christmas

Jesus the True Light of Christmas God himself showed in Jesus Christ who is our true God, life and light. He is the true light of Christmas. We see Christmas lights everywhere in the cold, dark and bleak winter nights. The Apostle John in his Gospel the first chapter gives us a description of the person and work of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the true God Jesus is the beginning and the end. Jesus did not have his beginning in a manger in a stable near Bethlehem. Jesus became God in human flesh. Jesus took on a real human body – all man yet all God. Jesus is the only true God-man who ever lived. In Jesus God stepped out of heaven to communicate His plan of salvation. Jesus became one of us to comm

Prepare people for Revival

A Call for revival by John the Baptist – John 3:1-12 Introduction and Story: The presence of God is sensed and felt in unusual places when we don’t even expect it. Philip Yancey in his book on Prayer: Does it make any difference? Shared a story of extraordinary sense of God’s presence in Nepal. He visited ‘Green Pasture Hospital in Nepal’ where the Doctors and Nurses cared for Leprosy patients. Philip saw a poor lady who was deformed by the leprosy so badly that he thought she was just a beggar. As Philip and his wife were visiting the hospital, this lady crawled to follow them. Philip’s wife gave a hug to this lady. This poor Nepali lady was a Christian. She began to sing in her language: “

Advent 1Reflection: A Road to life

The MORNING was a reflection of the first Sunday in Advent, with one candle lit. The Junior church were given a talk about the Orwell Bridge, and how on the previous Tuesday it was closed-which caused Mayhem: The roads were grid-locked Teachers couldn't get to their schools A dog was running free But 2000 years ago there was mayhem: Darkness was everywhere People were doing bad things People were not getting through to God So the people tried to please God: By trying to keep His 10 rules By sacrificing sheep, goats and bulls By trying to do good, but not good enough. But Jesus came to make a Bridge between God & Man so that people could be saved. The main Advent theme was a con