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Bumper Harvest of Souls

Harvest for Eternal life! The Bible talks a lot about the harvest of crops that is related to giving thanks to God for his blessings upon the seeds planted for the harvest. However, Bible also talks about the spiritual harvest of souls. In John chapter 4, we see Jesus made an intentional journey through Samaria (4:4). When he arrived at the town of Sychar, he was thirsty and wanted to have some water to drink from the well of Jacob. Now, if we know the Bible Story, this was a historical and very important well for the people of Samaria. This was the very well that was built by their forefather Jacob and was given to Joseph. Jesus met a Samaritan woman in the midday who came to fetch some wat

Mustard Seed to Mighty Tree

A picture of God’s Kingdom! Mark 4:30-32 Almost like a grain of sand or like a tiny mud-clot, a mustard seed is indistinguishable from the dirt of the ground and it can be easily missed or dismissed, but when it grows, people certainly notice it due to its size. But this is only possible through nurture: God’s nurture, but like any plant it needs to be a resilient survivor. Every tree is a testament to its own struggle, the bigger the tree more it has gone through. But when it has reached to its complete maturity as a tree it provides shelter for all, that is the birds of the air. If you look at a mustard tree you notice its sheltering capacity. The outer leaves and branches creates a veil o