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You are invited for the Royal Wedding Party!

You are invited for the ‘Royal Wedding Party’! (Message preached on Sunday 24 July 2016 by Rev. Peterson Anand) Jesus told a parable (Story of earthly living with the spiritual meaning) in Matthew 22:1-14 to explain how the Kingdom of God would look like. He told a parable about the wedding party of a King’s son. The date of the wedding was announced in advance. The wedding invitations were sent to the rich, privileged and dignified people of the kingdom. On the day of the wedding, everything was prepared and set for the wedding party. But sadly, not a single soul turned up for the party. The King sent his servants to remind and invited all the privileged people according to his list to come

Your missionary motivation

Don't Lose Heart! Receive your missionary motivation Do you feel shaken up because of the present situation? Do you feel lack of motivation for missionary work. The missionary motivation is for every Christian believer. If you are a born again Christian, than your heart should be burning to reach out to the lost to share the good news of Jesus. But many a times we lack motivation to share this news because of the lack of responses from people. However, that shouldn’t put us off for being on fire for the Lord. I would like to share with you Apostle Paul’s missionary motivation from 2 Corinthians 4:1-18. We find that Paul was motivated to do the mission work because of four major reasons. Firs

Live a blessed life!

Live a blessed life by Praying, supporting and blessing one another (Ephesians 6:19-24) 1. Pray for your Pastor and your church (vs.19-20): It’s so encouraging that the great apostle like Paul was humble enough to ask his church to pray for him. His main prayer request was for his speaking so that he may be used for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. We assume that he is asking for prayer for his public preaching but I am sure he is asking for personal sharing of faith ‘that whenever he opens his mouth (v.19)’ the words will be given to him from God. He is asking for a ‘fearless’ speech to reveal the mystery of the good news of Jesus. He recognized his special position in Christ as an A

Live as the Spiritual Soldiers of Christ

Live as the Spiritual Soldier of Christ daily! (Ephesians 6:10-20) Christian life is not the bed of roses. We live in the real world of battles of all sorts. We have the real enemy called Satan. Apostles encouraged all the Christian believers to be the spiritual soldiers of Christ. He encouraged us to take the full spiritual armour of God to fight against the evil one. Although he described these six visible armours like an ancient Roman soldier would have, but the seventh armour is prayer that is invisible armour for Christian soldiers. We need to be strong in the Lord and stand firm against devil’s schemes. These armours of God are mentioned in Ephesians 6:10-20. They are (1) Belt of truth