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You have your heavenly Father

As we have celebrated ‘Father’s Day’ on this Sunday (19th June 2016), remember ‘You have your heavenly Father’ who cares for you. Jesus came to introduce God as His Father but he also invited all to be part of the family of God. He taught his disciples to pray by addressing God as ‘Our Father in heaven.’ In the sermon on the mount, Jesus in his teaching referred God as ‘Your Father in heaven.’ This is found in Matthew chapter 5, 6 and 7. There are three encouraging things we find in Matthew 6:25-34. First of all, your heavenly Father feeds you. Jesus said: “Look at the birds of the air…” God feeds the birds of the air. We are more valuable than them. Will He not care for you? Secondly, your

Ruth, the Refugee meets the Redeemer

Ruth the refugee While being in a tent might be fun for a while, some children and their families have been living in tents for years – and that is really not fun at all. Some children have no home apart from a tent for example the forgotten families of Syrian refugees. There is an awareness in the book of Ruth that we need God’s blessing; when people meet they pronounce a blessing ‘the Lord be with you’ and when good things happen when they bless God (Ruth 2: 4, 19, 20, 3: 10, 4: 14). We are not self-sufficient, we are not self-starters and we should not be self-centred. The story centres, though, on the honest recognition that there are those who find themselves, and feel themselves to be,