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Ministers Message

He gave his utter most all on the cross for us!

Knowing this fact, one's heart can just become overwhelmed, its the least we can do to give our life to Jesus! Jesus can do more with it anyway! One just wants to give all to him and bring a smile on his face in return for the crown of pain! Amen!!!???

We may be inadequate, but rest assured, God loves us so much more than we can love him!

Peter denied Jesus three times when he refused to be associated with him during the trial, suffering and the death of Jesus. Jesus had already predicted about his denial. Peter wept bitterly because of his failure to stand alongside with Jesus. Peter had an encounter with the risen Lord. Jesus met him personally to build his life on love and loyalty to serve him and his people. While Peter denied Jesus three time, it's amazing that Jesus asked him three times, "Do you love me more than these?" Today, Jesus is asking you to love him more than anything in life and move forward in taking care of his people.- Rev Peterson R Anand