About us

Our dream and vision is to see our church becoming a 21st Century Community Church. Where people of all walks of life, from different ethnic backgrounds and language groups, may join in the family of God.

“We are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God.” (2 Corinthians 5:20)

Our mission is to do God's work, that is, leading his lost sheep to him, to be a friend and a hand to reach out to them, for we are God's tools, we allow him to work through us!

Our Statement of faith

We follow Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, who is revealed in the Bible as God in human form and is the absolute authority in all matters related to faith and practice.

Baptism by immersion in the water is a necessary step for all who choose to follow Jesus and seek forgiveness for turning away from sin to God. Baptism symbolises forgiveness both by the use of water (which washes) and by the identification with Jesus, who was himself baptised and who, according to the Bible, died for our sins, was buried, and rose again.

Everyone who follows Jesus is called to play their part in sharing His message through the help of the Holy Spirit.


In June 1922 a meeting was held at Burlington Baptist Church, Ipswich concerning the spiritual needs of the housing estate behind Nacton Road.

A sub-committee was formed, led by Mr Robert Girling, Mr R.S.Thompson and charged with exploring the possibilities of meeting this need.

Various sites were looked at including one on the main Nacton Road, but the land was too expensive to proceed.

Eventually in 1923 an offer was made for a piece of land to be made available on the Racecourse Estate for a sum of £300, the offer was accepted and the wheels for a new chapel had been put in motion.

A Sunday School was started in the old Y.M.C.A. hut in April 1924, later an evening Service was started. In Rands Way a Women’s Meeting was started and also a girls Bible Class.

Meanwhile, it is recorded that by March 1926 the site at the end of Packard Avenue had been secured, it was proposed to build a small hall at a cost of £1,590. The scheme was accepted by the Suffolk Baptist Union.

 By the summer of 1926 the new hall was ready for use. On 5th August 1926 the Church was officially opened, with the Rev. J.E.Jones as its first minister.

During the first ten years 106 new members were received in and over 80 people were baptized. The Church has continued to grow and evolve since those days with a second and third phase of development before the war.

After the war in 1946 Nansen Road recorded the highest number of Baptisms in Suffolk in one year, a total of 17!

Attendances grew steadily until by 1948 an extension fund was started and by 1949 the Church took on the shape that it resembles today. In 1976 a wonderful time was spent in celebrating the Church's Golden Jubilee. Today, our Church is growing steadily with the love and unity along with the passion and dream for many people to be saved and added in the family of God.